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Do dark spots on your face and hands make you feel self-conscious? Dark spots (often called liver spots) on the face and hands are not uncommon as we age, but some people get them earlier, darker, and denser than others. When this happens, it may give you an aged appearance, but fortunately laser treatments can remove age spots, often in a single visit with no downtime.

This page describes the process of laser age spot treatment, but personal recommendations about the results you can expect require a consultation. Please us today to schedule your appointment at our Manhattan location.

What Causes Age Spots

Age spots are actually the result of sun damage to the skin. They are a side effect of the normal process of tanning. In tanning, the skin responds to ultraviolet radiation by producing melanin, a pigment that protects the skin from burning. After significant sun damage, the skin will begin producing melanin unevenly, making the skin darker in some places.

Treating Age Spots

You know that wearing dark colors on a sunny day will make you hotter than wearing light ones. This is because dark colors absorb more light energy than light colors. When a laser shines on your skin, the dark patches absorb more energy and suffer damage before the lighter colored skin around them. The darker colored skin cells die and are removed, while the lighter colored skin cells remain unharmed. This process, known as selective photothermolysis, is the same process behind laser hair removal.

We have many different lasers and lights that we can use to remove age spots. For most people, we use a laser that removes age spots in a single treatment. A second treatment with this laser may be necessary for a small number of people. For people with very sensitive skin, a light treatment may be used to gradually reduce the appearance of age spots over two to five treatments.

If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten the skin at the same time you are removing age spots, fractional laser skin resurfacing may be right for you. Although it takes several quick lunchtime treatments, it is highly effective, and the additional benefits of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction make it a better treatment for many people.

Successful age spot treatment without side effects depends on the quality of tools used and the experience and training of the physician. Center, our doctors and staff are highly trained and have extensive experience in treating age spots. In addition, we have over fifty different lasers at our practice, which enables us to highly customize treatment to your skin and your aesthetic goals