Age Spot Removal Treatments NYC New York, NY

Age Spot Removal Treatments:

• Topical Treatment– Prescribed topical creams can be used to minimize age spots but are often used in conjunction with other age spot treatments for optimal results.

• Cryosurgery– This technique uses extreme cold temperatures to destroy the excess pigment of the skin to contributing to the appearance of age spots.

• Laser Treatment– Through the Laser Institute of Georgia, laser therapy can be used to treat age spots without damaging surrounding tissue. Multiple laser treatments are typically required for maximum results.

• Chemical Peels– Using a customized combination of ingredients, chemical peels remove the outer layers of skin to allow new skin and collagen growth while minimizing dark spots.

• Microdermabrasion – Exfoliation technique used to purify the skin while stimulating circulation and collagen production. This technique is usually used in combination with other age spot removal procedures.