Treatment for aging sun spots nyc new york ny

The best laser to remove dark skin patches assuming they are senile lentigines (aging sunspots) is the 1064nm laser because it can be done with little or no damage to the skin surface cells. It is the same one that is used for tattoo removal. It can be Nd:Yag or Alexandrite.

More than one treatment may be required. If your mother is a darker skinned asian the skin should be cooled at the same time as the laser application so that the surface cells are not damaged.

It is imperative that you have the correct diagnosis before undergoing this treatment. Other types of skin disorders may not be affected by this laser and some such as melasma can be made worse.

The aging sunspots are caused by the gathering of skin pigment cells into clumps rather than the usual wide spread of the cells over the skin surface. This gathering is a natural part of the aging process. If there is a large number of these sunspots on the face most doctors would recommend an ablative laser treatment instead of the 1064nm laser to try and even out the skin color.